Our Sponsors

a/e ProNet members understand the complexity of the professional liability marketplace. On behalf of our clients, we do our best to build solid, long-term relationships with the leading professional liability insurance companies.

a/e ProNet members remain independent of quota schemes or obligations to any one insurance company. At the same time, our collective longevity, experience, and premium volume make our organization a desirable partner. Insurance companies recognize the importance of our perspective, our dedication to the design community, and our risk management resources as positive for the health of the design community overall.

Several top-tier insurance companies sponsor a/e ProNet. Sponsorship gives them greater access to us, while preserving our members’ individual independence and opening additional avenues for advocacy on behalf of our clients.

List of a/e ProNet Sponsors

Sponsor Name Testimonial
ARCH “PUA and Arch Insurance Company are very proud to partner with a/e ProNet. The members of a/e ProNet bring unparalleled expertise to the unique needs of the design community and fully understand the underwriting process and how to guide their clients through this process. We look forward to further developing and building upon our relationship with a/e ProNet and their clients.” – Sandip Chandarana, Professional Underwriters Agency Go To Website
Beazley Beazley logo 2023 (003)-opt “It is a pleasure to collaborate with brokers with the knowledge to truly understand their clients’ business needs, and who appreciate the value added proposition that a specialist insurer can provide for architects and engineers.” – James K. Schwartz, Beazley Go To Website
Everest Everest_Logo_270 Everest Insurance is very proud to be a sponsor of a/e ProNet. ProNet’s members are uniquely knowledgeable and drive superior business solutions for their clients. At Everest, our goal is to be a go-to market for design professionals across the board, and our partnership with a/e ProNet is crucial to that effort. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, Everest is excited to be a part of a/e ProNet in 2021 and beyond. – Joshua Kranz, Vice President Professional Liability, Everest Go To Website
Great American Great American “Great American Insurance Company is truly honored to be a sponsor of a/e ProNet. Their members have unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the practice of design professionals. As underwriters, the depth of resources a/e ProNet members have access to, allows us, to accurately and efficiently craft insurance coverages to help protect the design professional community from the pitfalls practicing in today’s environment. The members of a/e ProNet truly are pinnacle of expertise, customer service and professionalism.” Go To Website
The Hanover Insurance Group “The Hanover is truly excited to partner with this oustanding organization and its members. a/e ProNet’s agents’ expertise and dedication to the Design Professional community aligns well with our core values and how we treat our customers. We are committed to the future and working with the organization to bring the best coverage, claims service and risk management solutions to their customers.” – Adam Bennett, The Hanover Go To Website
The Hartford “The expertise, resources, and services that a/e ProNet offers its clients is the best in the industry; accordingly, ProNet was vital in helping us develop our new product offerings to the a/e community.” Go To Website
Liberty International Underwriters Liberty “LIU is honored to support a/e Pronet’s members in their efforts to provide quality risk management tools and insurance services to design professionals. We have the pleasure to offer our insurance solutions to an experienced group that has the dedication and the passion to help their A&E clients navigate complex business situations.” Go To Website
RLI “RLI has been a proud sponsor of a/e ProNet since the inception of RLI’s Design Professionals Program. ProNet brokers bring a wealth of knowledge that allows meaningful collaboration and the ability to develop creative solutions for design professionals in an always-evolving industry. RLI is excited to continue to partner with ProNet to support the many design firms that we mutually serve.” Go To Website
RT Specialty “RT ProExec is grateful to be a part of the a/e ProNet community and to support our specialized agents in their pursuit of competitive and tailored placements for architects, engineers, surveyors, construction managers/contractors and developers. As one of the fastest growing and leading wholesalers in the Nation, we have the tools, expertise and leverage to assist our clients with complex placements (both for practice & project specific programs; admitted & non-admitted capabilities). We are extremely excited to engage further with the a/e ProNet membership to bring solutions to the table where most others cannot.” — Joseph Plotycia, Senior Vice President Go To Website
Sompo International “The A&E team at Sompo International is honored to join the network of professionals at a/e ProNet. Our team brings over 40 years of experience in the A&E industry and looks forward to partnering with the members of the a/e ProNet network. Sompo International provides industry-leading coverages and bespoke underwriting solutions for A&E firms of all sizes and scopes. Our team of experienced regional underwriters, claims handlers and risk management vendors brings a deep understanding of each design professional’s needs to develop risk management solutions to satisfy insurance requirements. We are looking forward to serving a/e ProNet’s community of design professionals with our tailored underwriting experience, products and service capabilities.” — Steven Grippo, Senior VP — Architects & Engineers and Stephen Raymond, VP— Architects & Engineers Go To Website
Tokio Marine HCC “Tokio Marine HCC is proud to be a long time sponsor and supporter of a/e ProNet. Our work with the dedicated design and construction specialist brokers comprising a/e ProNet enables us to collaborate on providing superior rated coverage and valued added services to professional architect, engineer, CM, surveying and consulting firms across the United States. a/e ProNet members’ dedication to servicing the insurance and risk management challenges facing the design and construction community is commendable. Tokio Marine HCC looks forward to working together with a/e ProNet in addressing these ever changing professional liability, cyber and employment practice exposures faced by our insureds and a/e ProNet is uniquely positioned to achieve this goal.” — Jim Bechter, P.E., CPCU, RPLU, Senior Vice President – AE/CP Go To Website
Victor “Victor is proud to be a long-time partner with a/e ProNet. As we celebrate our first 60 years of coverage to the design community it is a pleasure to work with specialist brokers who understand and appreciate the unique risks faced by design professionals in a fast changing world. Since the inception of a/e Pronet, Victor has been a strong advocate and partner to the mutual needs of the design community. It is our pleasure to recognize and work with the members of this outstanding organization for both their expertise and the professional commitment to those we mutually serve.” – Kevin J. Collins, Managing Director, A&E Practice Leader Go To Website

Disclaimer: The above is not an exhaustive list of the insurance companies represented by a/e ProNet. For a complete list of insurance companies, please contact your local a/e ProNet Member Broker.